D/S WHITE 5711 1.1mm x12mm x 33M (4r)VH

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5700 Series offers users a consistent lasting bond to most surfaces along with excellent weather resistance. It does not absorb moisture, withstands
thermal movement and possesses sound deadening and anti-vibration properties. Because of the acrylic foam core 5700 offers increased compressibility and conformability. Resistant to dilute acids/alkalis and has excellent UV resistance. 5700 series is compatible with most popular grades of Urethane, Silicone, solvent release butyl & all water based gun-grade sealants but will not adhere to cured silicone & urethane based sealants. The adhesive system allows for application to substrates at low temperatures down to 0°C.

For maximum adhesive performance, preparing the contact surface correctly is crucial. Always prepare the contact surface by removing dirt, wax or moisture with a cleaning solvent. A typical cleaning solvent is a 50/50 isopropyl alcohol/water mixture.