About Hogans Wholesale

Hogans Wholesale has been serving the Glass and Aluminium Industry since 1981.


Jim Hogan had 45 years knowledge and experience in the glass industry when he founded the company.

His innovative plan to take the tools and equipment to the customer was the mainstay of the business.


Jim travelled extensively throughout New South Wales to promote the business and provide a unique service to the customer that was both reliable and personal.

He would call on his customer base once or twice a month bringing them the range of tools and equipment needed,

with the option to purchase the goods there on the spot.


In 1982 Jim was joined by his son-in-law, Ray Crawford.

As the business started to grow, working from Jim’s home in Granville proved to be a challenge.

Hogans Wholesale opened a small factory in Guildford and with this factory, grew even more. While the business was moving at a rapid rate, more staff were employed.

The Guildford premises began to fill and prove too small.


In 1988 Hogans Wholesale moved to a larger location in Smithfield which has served them for the past 24 years.

We have moved again as we have outgrown Smithfield  relocating to brand new premises in 2013 offering a large new showroom and warehousing facility with great parking facilities. 


Today Hogans Wholesale employs many staff, all of which are extremely valued and dedicated. The team consists of third generation family members and staff that have been loyal to the company for more than 20 years.


Just as Jim did back in 1981, we are still servicing Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Canberra. The door to door sales still proves to be a reliable and important part of the business.

Together with this, Hogans Wholesale also provides excellent service through telephone, fax and internet sales and also through our showroom counter sales.