Soudal Fixall High Tack 290ml

Soudal Fixall High Tack 290ml
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12 Tubes Per Box

Fix ALLĀ® High Tack: The perfect product if you are in search of
a sealant-glue with an EXTREMELY HIGH INITIAL TACK as well as good sealing qualities.

Extremely High Green Strength = fixed after 1 sec!
Can be painted immediately after application, even with water-based paints.
Easy toapply inall conditions
Bonds even ontohumid surfaces
UV stable
Does not smell
Solvent free
Cures fast
No primer needed


Fix ALLĀ® High tack is the perfect product for every heavy duty bonding application such as:

Bonding of very heavy materials
Repairing leaks (even under water)
Bonding of paintings and mirrors to walls

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